We are located on the Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China.
Yes. Should your country not be available in the drop down selection, please contact us so that we may add it. Some exclusions may apply. Perishables and seeds with short viability, such as ginger or cacao, ship at the buyers risk. Please see our Terms. We cannot ship plants, bulbs, corms, seedlings, starter plants to international destinations for obvious reasons. Shipping internationally takes 35-60 business days (excl Holidays). Please note, that in some countries packages might be subject to customs inspection, which can delay delivery.
Poly Bubble Envelope will be used for seeds which are packed in FDA and USDA compliant food grade Glassine (paper) envelopes secured in zip lock bags. Some seeds require moist packaging. We never ever ship seeds directly exposed to plastic. Plants and Bulbs are shipped properly wrapped and secured in a box or Bubble Envelope, depending on their needs, or as outlined in the item description. If you have a special request please let us know or see the Gift-Wrap FAQ.
Yes, we combine shipping. Please see FAQ "Shipping Cost" and Shipping "Overpayment" for additional details. If you place 2 different orders on the same day, we'll ship them separate for tracking purposes, unless you send us an email, requesting that you would like those orders combined. Since we process orders daily, we cannot combine shipping for orders placed on different days.
Wrong Address/Returned Mail: Please check to make sure your address is correct while placing your order. We cannot be held liable for lost packages due to wrong or insufficient addresses supplied. If you change your mind and want to cancel your order, after the package has already shipped, we are happy to issue a refund for the item price minus shipping and a 10% restocking fee, once the package is returned to us.
We are not in the "making money from postage" business. Rare seeds need protection and we take this to heart. All Seeds are shipped in an USDA compliant food grade Gassine envelope, secured in a small zip lock bag and mailed in a bubble wrap envelope to protect seeds from being crushed and exposure to the elements (heat/cold/moisture), which means it's small package, not a letter. Most plants or cuttings ship priority mail.
Please allow (1 - 7 business days) for us to fill your order and prepare it for shipping. When your order has shipped, we will notify you by an email along with a USPS Tracking # If it is international, we will include a Customs Form Number #
Yes. Sometimes the mailing calculator gets confused when plants/bulbs and seeds are ordered together. It is our policy to reimburse excessive overpaid shipping cost once we have shipped the order and caught up with paper work. (1-4 days.) We do appreciate your patience.
Seeds, Bulbs, Plants and Cuttings: If plants or seeds arrive broken, we'll either replace them or refund you if you email us within 48 hours of delivery. Picture of damage is required. Due to the nature of the item, no additional guarantees are given, no refunds or replacements on seeds and bulbs. We will exercise care to have all seeds true to name, however, no warranty expressed or implied is given. Any liability will be limited to the purchase price of the seed. If the purchaser does not accept the product on these terms, we request that the product be returned at once. See our "Terms" for additional info. Thank you for your understanding.
We provide printed germination guidelines for all seeds sold on our web site. We do not provide digital versions at this time. We encourage our buyers to research the web for additional info for all
No. Rare seeds means “rare” seeds. While we do offer higher seeds counts on some species, due to prolonged viability, most species that we do offer, have either a limited seed pod production, are hard to obtain due to location, are difficult to germinate or are highly perishable.
Due to the nature of the item(s) all reserved custom orders expire within 24 hours of notification, no exceptions. We appreciate your understanding. If you need more time, please let us know ahead of time.
That means the item is currently unavailable (out of stock or expected to arrive in the near future).
We accept all major Credit and Debit cards. At checkout pay by clicking the (Proceed to checkout) link. Fill in the Credit or Debit information needed to make payment. Any questions at all please email us.
At checkout pay by clicking the (PayPal Express) link and complete your purchase. Any questions at all please email us.
We are very busy cleaning and packaging seeds and writing instructions for customers all over the world and are unable provide phone support at this time. We appreciate your understanding. Please send us an email if you have any questions regarding our product. For technical assistance please email questions@ecrater.com or contact the tech support via the contact page http://www.ecrater.com/contact.php ----We get 99.9% of all emails and respond to all sincere inquiries, excluding solicitations and spam. We screen our spam too. Please make sure your email server can accept our response to your email request, or you wont get it and might feel ignored.
Where do we begin. Tracking down world wide rarities is a task that's very time consuming. Fetching fertile seed species is super challenging. Getting them imported is very difficult and sometimes expensive. Supplying you with workable germination instructions is another story, because we test most of these seeds in-house before we sell them. Some species produce more seeds, some less. That pretty much sums it up.
We use your personal information for shipping purposes only. If you would like occasional email updates please email us with a request. We have no control over information customers submit to p-pal or other institutions. For p-pal issues please contact their help desk.
Lab engineering has become very real especially when it comes to food supply. That being said, we don't see anything wrong with a homegrown cross of heirlooms. While we do sell most seeds for your (and our) unique greenhouse and garden pleasure, it is one of the reasons why we sell wild, rare and unconventional species. We do not sell any lab-transgenic seeds. To the best of our knowledge, no contamination of our seeds with wind- or pollinator-borne trans-genes has occurred. We do not treat our seeds, plants or soil with chemical pesticides. What is GMO/GVO? A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal.
All seeds, bulbs, cuttings and plants are sold for growing purposes only and are not meant to be consumed. Even products that may have an herbal use may have not been evaluated by the FDA. We are not licensed herbalists, cosmetologists, physicians, or other health care professionals. We recommend you checking with a herbalist or physician regarding safety of usage. Our seeds are either wild collected or organically grown, however due to the rarity and limited quantities of our seeds, they are not certified. Accordingly, the buyer agrees not to ingest any product on this site without fully accepting responsibility for the consequences of doing so.
Yes, we can gift-wrap seed packets. We have several different varieties of small natural and eco-friendly Kraft Gift Boxes, small Burlap Sacks as well as Kraft Paper envelopes. Please check our Supply section for details. A small note such as i.e. "Happy Birthday" can be included for free with any seed order. Send us an email with details.
We gift our extra seeds randomly along with an order and sometimes we hold contest of extras off on our Facebook page, donate to a local plant sale with proceeds going towards US Military Care packages and the local area Wolf Pack Special Olympics. If you have a truly special cause for a dona.